Interrogating Structures, Struggles, and Subjectivities of Rent
Radical Housing Journal
Co-authored by Camila Cociña, Catharina Thörn, Jasmine S. Palmer, Mara Ferreri, and #UnequalCities Network member Melissa García-Lamarca

Abstract: Housing (in)security plays a key role in the economic, social and political experience of residents across different urban settings. Today, millions of people are pushed to dwell under insecure conditions due to a number of factors. These include the financialization of land and housing, the growth of informal housing markets in rapidly urbanizing cities, increased displacement and migration and the precarization of livelihoods. These factors, and more, directly impact housing systems and people’s lives, with comparable housing struggles playing out differently in different national and local contexts. Some of these factors can be formally categorized under ‘rent struggles’, but many others cannot; in this light, being a tenant can be defined not just as a legal status, but as a condition shared by all who do not have control over their own homes. In this second issue of the Radical Housing Journal, we have opened a translocal conversation to interrogate the notion of ‘rent’ in various contexts.

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