Hayk Makhmuryan

Skid Row Design Collective

Skid Row Neighborhood Council Formation Committee

Skid Row Community Improvement Coalition

Glendale Tenants Union

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Hayk Makhmuryan has worked in LA’s Skid Row neighborhood since 2008 and advocates for stronger communities through arts. He expanded The People Concern’s Studio 526 (formerly Lamp Arts Program) from an internal program to a multi-discipline creative platform open to all community residents, rooted in the perspective that equitable access to arts and cultural spaces is a fundamental human right.

Hayk is interested in how artists and arts spaces can align with grassroots community activism. He is part of the Skid Row Design Collective, the campaign for formation of Skid Row Neighborhood Council, and other community and resident centered initiatives. Hayk serves on LA County’s Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative’s advisory committee and has organized against social and economic displacement with Glendale Tenants Union. Hayk was born and grew up in Yerevan, Armenia, and has lived in Glendale, California (Los Angeles metro area) since 1999.