Juan Herrera



Juan Herrera is assistant professor in the Department of Geography at UCLA. Trained as an interdisciplinary ethnic studies scholar, he specializes in the study of cultural geography, immigration, social movements, and race. His first book, CartographicMemory: Social Movement Activism and the Production of Space will be released with Duke University Press in October 2022. In the book, he maps 1960s Chicano Movement activism in the Latinx neighborhood of Fruitvale in Oakland, California, showing how activists there constructed a politics forged through productions of space. He is also co-editor of the forthcoming University of Georgia Press book entitled, Abolishing Poverty: Pluriverse Politics and Futures. For this collaborative project, he also contributes a chapter that analyzes how 1960s and 1970s activists enacted a politics of solidarity that drew connections between diverse global causes and across disparate racial groups. His work has also appeared in the journals Latino Studies, Du Bois Review, and Social Justice.