Liliana Ordóñez

Universidad de los Andes

Housing Ministry of Colombia

Bogotá, DC, Colombia


My name is Liliana Ordóñez and I am a Colombian economist and human geographer. Currently, I am working as senior economist in the urban land titling program at the Ministry of Housing, City and Territory of Colombia. This institution aims to provide the fundamental guidelines for urban and housing policies in the country. Additionally, I am working as a research assistant with Professor Sergio Montero, at Universidad de los Andes, within the Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios sobre el Desarrollo – CIDER. My main job is to analyze the role of trust schemes in the process of housing “financialization” in Colombia. I am convinced people with low financial resources in Colombia need and deserve social housing policies aimed to respond to their necessities. Moreover, I truly believe that space matters, and for that reason studying the city demands to look closely how space is manifesting, and to look closely is nothing else that been conscious about the world that is around us. Space matters  and for me the importance of space is not only an academic and professional concern, but also a personal one.