Luis Trujillo

University of California, Riverside

Comida No Bombas – Los Angeles

Northeast Los Angeles Alliance (NELAA)

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Luis Trujillo is a PhD candidate in Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Riverside. He is also a constitutive member of the Northeast Los Angeles Alliance (NELAA), an anti-displacement collective that has been addressing gentrification in the neighborhoods of Atwater, Cypress Park, Elysian Valley, Glassel Park, Highland Park and Lincoln Heights over the past five years. As the group defines itself, “we are committed to understanding the full effect of gentrification on immigrant, working class and poor communities and addressing these effects through education, organizing, visual and performing arts and ongoing scholarship. Recognizing that many of the narratives defining gentrification are not coined by the immigrant, working class and poor communities it profoundly affects, Northeast Alliance is non-complacent in challenging those prevailing narratives by presenting and recording voices of those who are not heard.” NELAA is part of a network of anti-displacement organizers across Los Angeles City/ County and are part of the larger surge of tenant’s rights organizing across California. Luis’ research is an activist ethnography, an oral history and participatory action-oriented. He uses ethnography to bring to the fore the collective genius of grassroots organizers. He uses oral history to track their genealogy within the larger arc of anti-displacement as an oppositional force to racialized dispossession and extractive economies facilitated or pushed forward by the market-state. He is interested in pursuing solutions to the displacement crisis that promotes a de-marketizing of land and homes.