Nemoy Lewis

Toronto Metropolitan University


Nemoy Lewis is an assistant professor in the School of Urban and Regional Planning at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University). He received his PhD in human geography from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. For his doctoral research, Nemoy analyzed the ongoing foreclosure crisis in the United States and its effects on Black people and low-income communities in Chicago, Illinois and in Jacksonville, Florida. His research explores how space is racialized by examining the co-production of racialization and financialization in North American urban housing markets, and the growing affordability problems impacting Black renters. His current research investigates a relatively new type of financialized landlord –primarily private equity, asset management firms and REITs –and their impacts on the physical infrastructures and urban social geography of disenfranchised communities.

Nemoy recently commenced two major research projects that explore access to housing for Black Canadians. The first study examines the housing affordability and eviction crises by exploring financialized landlords and the broader consequences for Black renters during the COVID-19 pandemic in Toronto. His second project aims to understand the distinct challenges Black Canadians face in their pursuit of home ownership.