#UnequalCities Public Debates

Members of the Network are regularly asked to reflect on the most necessary, pressing, and timely issues in regards to housing in public forums.
Review these commentaries and share your own with us.

Articles & News featuring Network Members


Scholars from the #UnequalCities Steering Committee share their thoughts around some of the most urgent aspects of housing and urban transformations. Major themes that emerge are black dispossession, property rights, land use policies, neighborhood effects, the criminalization of poverty, and residential resegregation.

Gautam Bhan, Indian Institute for Human Settlements

Nicholas Blomley, Simon Fraser University

James DeFilippis, Rutgers University

Nik Heynen, University of Georgia

Maria Kaïka, University of Amsterdam

Keisha-Khan Y. Perry, Brown University

Raquel Rolnik, University of São Paulo