Sonja Coquelin

Living Rent


Sonja Coquelin joined Living Rent, Scotland’s Tenants’ Union after attending the launch of the Glasgow branch in 2017. She has played an active role in building the union first as a member and for the past two years as a staff member. Coquelin is currently the City-Head Organizer and coordinates the work of branches and campaigns across Glasgow.

Living Rent is a mass-membership organization of low-and middle-income renters, fighting together to win concrete improvements for their daily lives and to put political and economic power back where it belongs – in the hands of ordinary people.

The vision is for everyone in Scotland to have access to a secure, affordable, and quality home, and it is only by empowering those directly concerned and building campaigns and demands that are based on direct actions that housing in Scotland can reflect everyone’s needs. By building community power and challenging landlords, developers and politicians, it is a win for the membership, and also for a political system that puts people before profit and delivers much-needed fundamental changes.