Joshua Poe

Black Lives Matter Louisville – Housing Committee

Louisville, KY, USA


Joshua Poe has received national recognition as a scholar-activist, city planner, community organizer, and geographer. Originally from Eastern Kentucky and directly impacted by poverty, incarceration, homelessness, and addiction, he began his career doing grassroots organizing around housing, labor, and economic justice issues. He has a BA in Political Science from Berea College and a Master of Arts in Urban Planning from the University of Louisville. In 2017 he authored and published the interactive story map, Redlining Louisville: The History of Race, Class, and Housing in Louisville, KY, which received recognition from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government in its effort to recognize best-in-class data visualizations. He is a pioneer in documenting and exposing how city planning was weaponized as a tool to deny Black people land ownership and access to the accumulation of generational wealth. His work on the history of city planning, inclusive design and equitable development makes him a featured speaker nationally. He is currently working on developing equitable development strategies, organizing around anti-displacement/eviction efforts, creating new funding models, and combatting systems of oppression and power to create sustainable social change.