Property and Policing in Louisville, KY
Root Cause Research Center
Authored by #UnequalCities Network partner Root Cause Research Center

Excerpt: The Root Cause Research Center is comprised of tenant organizers who produce knowledge and data in solidarity with tenants under threat of dispossession. We work primarily in the US South on base-building and structured campaigns to build collective tenant power. A large part of our organizing work involves identifying and documenting the forces that create houselessness and dispossession. Policing, surveillance, and nuisance laws are major components of houselessness all over the globe.
This story map investigation documents Louisville’s nuisance law, and how the forces of nuisance and placed based policing were complicit in the murder of Breonna Taylor. We look at nuisance law through the historical lens of what scholar Ananya Roy calls “structures of colonial and racialized policing” (Roy, et al , 2021).

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