Methodologies for Housing Justice: A Summer Institute for Movement-Based & University-Based Scholars

August 5 – 9, 2019

The Summer Institute on Methodologies for Housing Justice brought together movement-based and university-based scholars to address key needs and gaps in housing and planning research. A part of the Housing Justice in #UnequalCities Network, which is housed at the UCLA Luskin Institute on Inequality and Democracy and supported by the National Science Foundation, this class advances research methodologies that tackle pressing housing issues and build power for advocacy and community organizations. The course took place August 5 – 9, 2019 and was led by Ananya Roy, Director of the UCLA Luskin Institute on Inequality and Democracy and Professor of Urban Planning, Social Welfare, and Geography at UCLA, and Raquel Rolnik, Professor of Architecture and Urbanism, University of São Paulo, and former UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing.


1.  Examine the structural mechanisms of dispossession and displacement in unequal cities, such as financialization, and cover the methodologies needed to pinpoint, analyze, and expose these mechanisms.

2.  Study and implement the use of data and research to support forms of resistance, to contribute to public pedagogy, and to generate alternative housing and planning policies and programs.

3.  Think through the politics and ethics of data including who collects and controls data and how data is used and for what purposes.

4.  Adopt a comparative and transnational approach to housing research by thinking from Los Angeles and learning from struggles in other parts of the world.

Summer Institute Highlights

Summer Institute Participants

Naveen Agrawal

Awais Azhar
The University of Texas at Austin

Amee Chew

Laura Colini
Tesserae Urban and Social Research, EU URBACT, EU UIA

Rania Dalloul
Urban Homesteading Assistance Board

Earl J. Edwards

Tessa Eidelman
Vanderbilt University

Raymond Fang
UC Irvine, Chinatown Community for Equitable Development

Eve Garrow
ACLU of Southern California

Eric Goldfischer
University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Picture the Homeless

Tina Grandinetti
RMIT University

Guadalupe Granero Realini
University of Buenos Aires, Center for Metropolitan Studies, Center for Habitat and Housing Studies, Surbanistas

Madeleine Hamlin
Colgate University

Meg Healy
NOlympics, RioOnWatch

Eliot Hetterly
Community League of the Heights

Lauren Ilano
UCLA, Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, BAYAN-USA

Bryan Jacobs

Downtown Eastside SRO Collaborative Society, Vancouver Tenants Union

Fernanda Jahn-Verri

Danielle Kerrigan
McGill University

Hunter King
CausaJusta :: Just Cause

Tolu Lanrewaju-Kadri
Rutgers University-Newark, University of Witwatersrand

Lucas Lessa
Taramela Assessoria Técnicaem Arquiteturae e Cidade, LEHAB – Universidade Federal do Ceará

Margaretta Lin
Just Cities

Sofia Lopez
Action Center on Race and the Economy

Albert Lowe
SAJE, Chinese Historical Society of Southern California

Hayk Makhmuryan
Skid Row Design Collective, Skid Row Neighborhood Council Formation Committee, Skid Row Community Improvement Coalition, Glendale Tenants Union

Nancy Mejía

Latino Health Access, THRIVE Santa Ana Community Land Trust

Kimberly Miranda
UCLA, Los Angeles Center for Community Law and Action, Eastside Local LA Tenants Union

Joel Montano
UCLA, Liberty Hill Foundation

Deyanira Nevárez Martínez
UC Irvine

Lydia Nicholson
UCLA, LA Tenants Union, Street Watch LA

Liliana Ordóñez
Universidad de los Andes, Housing Ministry of Colombia

Joshua Poe
Root Cause Research Center

Isuri Ramos
The Kennedy Commission

Leon Rosa Reichle
De Montfort University Leicester

Esther Sullivan
University of Colorado Denver

Luis Trujillo
University of California, Santa Cruz

Diane Wong
New York University, Chinatown Art Brigade, CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities, Chinatown Tenants Union

Amy Young
UCLA, Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department

Summer Institute Instructors

Benjamin Dulchin
Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development

Elana Eden
Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

Melissa García Lamarca
Barcelona Lab for Urban Environmental Justice and Sustainability

Terra Graziani
Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, Educopia

Hamid Khan
Stop LAPD Spying Coalition

Erin McElroy
Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

Shayla Myers
Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

Yusef Omowale
Southern California Library

Amy Ritterbusch

Andrea Roberts
Texas A&M University

Raquel Rolnik
University of São Paulo, São Paulo Evictions Observatory

Pete White
Los Angeles Community Action Network

Summer Institute UCLA Team

Ananya Roy

Marisa Lemorande
UCLA Luskin Institute on Inequality and Democracy

Hilary Malson
UCLA, Los Angeles Center for Community Law and Action